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Tile Cleaning Melbourne

Tile Cleaning Melbourne

Steamwiz providing tile cleaning services in Melbourne and suburbs with fixed prices guaranteed. Call our tile cleaners to get free quote. We can blast away all the bacteria and germs from your tiles and grouts to bring them back to its original shine, and provide a cleaner and safer environment for your family in your home. Your tiles and grout are constantly exposed to a build-up of dirt and grime, dust, grease and other substances and over time the grout in-between the tiles tends to get discoloured, unappealing and perfect breading spot for bacteria and germs. And it becomes very hard and almost impossible to clean on your own. Our high pressure cleaner scrubs deep and blasts away any residue and dirt providing a safer and cleaner environment for you and your family. Consider hiring our professional tile and grout cleaning for your home hygiene. We also provide other cleaning services including carpet steam cleaning, couch steam cleaning, mattress steam cleaning, rug steam cleaning, sofa steam cleaning, curtain steam cleaning, car upholstery steam cleaning, leather couch cleaning, and more.

Tile Cleaners Melbourne

Tile Cleaners Melbourne

Cleaning tiles or onerous floor space is a really difficult task except for us its straight forward as a result of we’ve the proper tools and machines for the required task therefore allow us to participate of it with you. Steamwiz Tile and grout cleaning service can assist you to come back your hard floor and tiles to the first state. Dirt and dust over time they get to make up in between the tiles is good parcel for bacterium, and different germs and it’ll begin to cause an awful smell and dangerous surroundings in your home. Steamwiz provides hard floor high pressure cleaning services at affordable costs. All our tile and hard floors cleaning services are well contained and splash free using the latest technology in the cleaning industry, also chemicals used in this process are all Eco friendly. If you think it’s time for restoring your tiles and give it a nice shine once again then call us for a satisfaction guaranteed Tile Cleaning service with amazing results. You can also look at our Carpet Steam Cleaning service in Pakenham.

Fabric protection

fabric protection
• Fabric protection or scotch guarded means that we apply a special solution to your fabric regardless whether it’s a carpet or a rug or even any upholstered piece of fabric furniture and the solution will seal it and it will prevent any spill from getting into the fabric and it will go away when you wash it off or when it’s steam cleaned.

• Have your carpet scotch guarded for $18 per room when you book our tile cleaning service, min 3 rooms
• Have your couches scotch guarded for $15 per seat when you book our tile grout cleaning services, min 3 couches.

Tile Cleaning Melbourne

  • Tash of Chadstone

    thanks for your excellent service. Wonderful job the stains are gone, can’t believe how good the carpet looks after the steam Cleaning, I will certainly recommend you.

  • Shadia of Ascot vale

    My carpet is so clean. I’ve had it steam cleaned before but not like this thanks so much.

  • Kathryn of Northcote

    This is the third time you doing my carpet and my couches and I can say you’ve done great job so far.

  • Michael of Noble Park

    The carpet condition in this property I’ve bought was bad and the smell was awful, called this guy’s Steamwiz and they came and cleaned the carpet and sanitize it which made the deference to the environment in the house. Well done and I would highly recommend you.

  • Samantha of Cranbourne

    I can’t believe it the nail polish came off the fabric of the couch, pet stains and smell is gone. Very well done .

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