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Carpet Cleaning Melbourne

Carpet Cleaning Services

We provide professional steam cleaning services with reasonable and fixed prices guaranteed call our carpet steam cleaners to inquire about our services and to get free quote today. We tend to charge per room for our carpet cleaning sevices because we believe a few meters less or more doesn’t make much of a difference for us so our only concern is customer satisfaction over all. You cannot go wrong with the use of our the Vapour Steam combined with biodegradable and eco-friendly agents we thoroughly clean your carpet from the core and acts like the perfect stain removal eliminating all stubborn stains, we’ll remove stains old and new bacteria and dirt, this is our carpet cleaning standard first time and every time. Clean carpets are hygienic must they are a value for all households, maintaining your carpet will keep the value of your house goods, After we’r done with the carpets cleaning process we deodorize the carpets leaving them looking and Smelling fresh, clean and new for you and your family to enjoy. We offering other cleaning services like upholstery cleaning, couch steam cleaning, mattress cleaning, rug cleaning, tile and grout cleaning, end of lease cleaning, water damage, leather couch cleaning and more.

Carpet Steam Cleaning Services

Carpet Steam Cleaning Services

We perform superior carpet cleaning service because we have the right tools and machinery to provide the vapour which is the main key for cleaning almost every type of carpet. We’ll Steam clean your carpet and bring back their original colour, beauty and freshness. We can without any doubt return your carpet to its pristine look. With the use of top organic carpet cleaning products available in the market today, and the Vapour steam will remove stubborn stains old and new and it targets bacteria and dirt. Our carpet cleaners will vacuum your carpets at first using super powerful industrial vacuum cleaner to remove dirt and dust from your carpet and then they’ll apply a pre spray chemical, this is an organic chemical produced by big name in our industry and then apply the vapour steam to give your carpet that fresh look once again. After a long winter the carpet gets to hold lots of moisture naturally from the cold air, and it’s all falls into your carpet creating bacterial activity and causing a bad smell in your carpet. Here at Steamwiz Cleaning we highly recommend steam cleaning procedures for carpets because it is deeper cleaning process and achieves better results. Call for carpet cleaning expert today with amazing results. You can also see our Upholstery Cleaning and Tile Cleaning Services.

Fabric protection

fabric protection
• Fabric protection or scotch guarded means that we apply a special solution to your fabric regardless whether it is carpet or a rug or even any upholstered piece of furniture and the solution will seal it and it will prevent any spill from getting into the fabric and it will start slowly going away when you wash it off.

• Have your carpet scotch guarded for $18 per room when you book our carpet cleaning expert service, min 3 rooms.
• Have your couches scotch guarded for $15 per seat when you book our upholstery cleaning service, min 3 couches.

Carpet cleaning Melbourne

  • Tash of Chadstone

    thanks for your excellent service. Wonderful job the stains are gone, can’t believe how good the carpet looks after the steam Cleaning, I will certainly recommend you.

  • Shadia of Ascot vale

    My carpet is so clean. I’ve had it steam cleaned before but not like this thanks so much.

  • Kathryn of Northcote

    This is the third time you doing my carpet and my couches and I can say you’ve done great job so far.

  • Kerryn of Narre warren

    Great job. The tiles are so clean just like new thanks a lot.

  • Samantha of Cranbourne

    I can’t believe it the nail polish came off the fabric of the couch, pet stains and smell is gone. Very well done .

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